Train for the job

Train for the job!

We go to school to learn how to fix cars. But when we do not train for the job, we botch up the cars, and the car puts the owner down in the street. 

We go to culinary school to learn how to cook and season the food well. But when we are not trained to prepare food, we serve food that we don’t like and no one else wants it either! 

Architecture school teaches us to design and construct buildings. However, when we do not get the training, we botch up the building. The building measurements are off; the roof leaks; the insulation does not protect the tenants in the cold or hot seasons, and the paint peels. The children eat the peeling paint and get sick or die.

When we are not trained to become proper parents, consequently our children are not developed age appropriately. They are not cognitively ready for pre-school. They are aggressive. They have a short attention span, and are disrespectful to adults and you! 

You do not want to hear anything negative about your child, so you become anxious and angry with the world. Now you become frustrated with your child and so is everyone else!

Training for the job

Parents, “It is easier to train a boy than to change a man!”


H. Jean Gray