Girl and Boy Toddlers

Children are born smart now, and they are starting school at a much younger age. Most toddlers start school at the age of three. It would help you to become aware of all the important things to teach your baby from birth to three years old. Scheduled times are important for this age.

Here’s a list that most toddlers can accomplish:

  • How to say their prayers at night
  • His/her real name
  • Learning the alphabet and numbers, including letter sounds and recognition
  • Scientific name for their body parts
  • Mom and Dad’s real name
  • Their phone number
  • Brushing their teeth alone; start by brushing their teeth for them
  • Potty trained by fifteen months (urinate and defecate) (please)
  • How to properly wash their hands
  • How to follow directions! 
  • How to obey authority figures (demonstrate for them)
  • How and why to ask for permission  
  • Limit their time with screen technology (TV, cell phone, computer, etc.)
  • Teach them to put away their toys
  • Feed them and make sure they eat all four food groups. Food feeds the brain with positive information.
  • Teach them to always wash their hands before they eat
  • Teach them to always say grace before they eat
  •  Insist that they remain seated at the table the entire time they are eating
  • Make sure they understand not to pick up things to eat that they have dropped to the floor or ground
  • Make sure they drink plenty of water and stay hydrated throughout the day
  • Never ever allow your child to drink from a container that someone else has drunk from unless it has been washed, not even behind a parent! (especially from a bottle)
  • Teach them to tie their shoes
  • Clean their noses
  • Label everything in your house. This is a great way for your child to learn hundreds of words (parents: words are power)
  • When you are playing with your child, tell them the name of each thing they are touching. (This helps increase their vocabulary)

Parents, you are your child’s first teacher. Go ahead and start teaching (positive information). They are ready to learn at birth