The only way we can make positive changes in today’s world is through proper parenting!

These are the four ways in which research says that we all learn:

  1. Visual (learn through seeing)
  2. Auditory (learn through hearing)
  3. Tactile (learn through touch)
  4. Kinesthetic (learn through doing and touch)

We all have five senses:

  1. Eyes (to see)
  2. Ears (to hear)
  3. Nose (To smell)
  4. Hands (to touch)
  5. Tongue (to taste)

Children must be taught to use all the above so parents must demonstrate multimodal!

Parent: Jean, why did you name this document Steppingstones?

Jean: Because you will use all the above for the rest of your life, in each stage of life. 

Step-By-Step is higher and higher, as we get older and older.

We are going to use all the above to apply the principles of Proverbs to our lives and to learn proper parenting!

We will use all the above to develop our children into successful and well-rounded adults!

Parents, I repeat, “It is easier to develop a boy than to fix a man!


                                                                                                               H. Jean Gray