Jean: Guys, no matter how long you and your woman are together, never let the romance die! Falling in love is easy for some people; staying in love takes being intentional for most people. Do not take each other for granted! “Happy parents! Happy children!”

Man: Should the man be the one to always set the tone for being romantic?

Jean: Of course not. Men like to feel they are being pursued and that they are still the number one man in their woman’s life also. But sometimes women are afraid of being assertive with their men. They are not sure if this is what a man wants. Couples must keep an open line of (positive) communication in all areas of life. In my experience, my husband told me he likes to be pampered, so that helped me to understand that it is OK for me to set the tone for a romantic mood sometimes. I was young, and when women are young, men know that you are uneasy in relationships.

Woman: What are some of the ways to set the tone without offending a man?

Jean: Write him a poem and add a picture with it. When the two of you are watching TV, sit close to him. Take his arm and put it around you. Laugh at his unfunny jokes, and wear his favorite perfume to bed! (Kill the hair rollers!)

Man: If I do not buy her a gift for Valentine’s Day, is that a cause for her to be angry?

Jean: No! Not giving her a gift is not a cause for her to be angry. However, you did not buy her that gift because she needed it. I have heard men say they gave their wife a gift just to say, “You are still beautiful and special to me.” Just as when you come home and your favorite meal is on the table, because she just wants to celebrate you. These little gestures are non-verbal relationship builders. And you will be so surprised to know how happy it makes children when they see their parents being nice to each other. 

Husband and Wife: Some of the nicest conversations I ever heard between a husband and wife are:

“Honey, I love you!” 

“ Sweetheart, I love you too!”

“Girl, I’m in love with you!” 

“Ooh, that makes me happy, because I’m in love with you too!”

         Love Song From A Red Bird

                  If I was a red bird

I would sit on your windowsill

this beautiful sunny morning

and while the bright sun 

cast my shadow on the wall

above your bed

close to your head

I will sing you a love song.

H. Jean Gray