Living with a Newborn Baby

Planned times for the baby’s schedules are important!

Feeding time

Do not leave your baby in the crib and prop the bottle up for them to feed. If you are breastfeeding, sit in a comfortable position to feed your baby, not lying down.


Make sure your baby takes a nap at a regular and scheduled time.

Quiet Time

When reading to your baby, hold them in your arms or your lap so the child can see the pictures. They are learning even at this early age. Holding a newborn feels so good to the baby and the parents.

The Baby’s Environment

Try not to have loud music blaring in your home when your baby or awake or asleep. Be selective of the kind of music they hear.

Be Aware of Your Baby When You’re Not in the Room

Be sure you can always hear your baby even when you cannot see them. There are so many things that could happen to a newborn baby, such as:

  • Crib death (unexplained)
  • Strangle on their milk
  • Soft objects can cover their nose, cutting off their breathing
  • When the newborn gets a little older, they will learn how to turn over, even in their sleep, and their little noses could get blocked off from allowing air into their lungs.

Crib Time

Sometimes when your baby is not asleep, it is OK for them to remain in a crib or playpen. There are lots of over-the-crib toys to entertain your baby.

Parents, please be intentional about learning all about your baby, because all the while that you are learning about them, they are learning about both of you!

Babies are born with a clean slate. It is up to you to load it with positive knowledge!