Men, have you ever wanted to be a Dad? 

Well, have you ever looked in the mirror and asked yourself:

“Do you love me?” 

“Who are you?” 

“What are your plans for life?”

Mister, if you have not done this, then I want you to try it.

You might ask why this question only addresses men. First things first. Men have been made the leaders of the world!

Do you love me? is a real question, and it’s meant to make you take a look inside of yourself! 

The second question is asking you what you think of yourself.

The third question is asking you to look beyond where you are presently, and the question helps you to internalize the importance of having some idea of where you are going! 

Men, if you do not know and love yourself, how can you know and love someone else? 

Be aware that the word LOVE has been taken out of context and used as a means of conversation. Love is also a verb, which means to take action. 

We must reevaluate what LOVE is!