Our children could never reach the pinnacle of their potential on manmade principles. Proper parenting is real. You cannot get proper parenting from an instant powder; it is a process that was not designed by man. 

This design was made by the God who made the child (The Principles Of Proverbs). Yes, parenting is hard, continual, and redundant, which is part of the pleasure of being a parent. This job brings joy, blessings, rewards, and successes, and it fills dreams, gives hope, solves problems, takes away pains, heals loneliness, and provides so many people with a reason to live! 

Do not do this job by yourself!

Let Me Tell You a Story

There was a small town with a small population, and right in the center of that small town was the business area. At the top of the tallest building in that business area was a clock. That clock was gold with the finest crafted design that has ever been seen on a clock. This beautiful, one-of-a-kind clock was on the front of that tall building. 

Everyone called the clock Big Ben and no one knew why. That clock never lost time for seventy years. One day at noon that clock stopped working. The mayor of that town was so upset about the beautiful clock not working. He knew it would slow down the number of people visiting his town. 

People came from miles around to see that beautiful clock, and the people would always spend money, which is what kept that small town going. The clock had stopped for over two months and two watch specialists had tried to fix the clock but they could not fix it. They didn’t have the proper tools! 

One day this old man was seen climbing up the side of the building where the clock was. A small crowd saw the man and they were fearful that the man was going to fall. A man from the crowd ran and got the town’s mayor so he could talk the man down from the building. 

The town mayor ran to the building as fast as he could. When he saw the man, he stopped and stood there looking and smiling at the old man. 

A man in the crowd hollered, “Aren’t you going to do something?”

The mayor looked at the crowd and he was still smiling. He said, “He’s not going to fall. That is Mr. Ben. He’s the one who made that clock. He’s going to fix it.” The mayor had a proud look on his face. 

The moral of this story is until we use the tools that were given to us, the Principles of Proverbs, we will never be able to fix the down-spiraling dilemma that we are experiencing with our children. They are growing into adults that we have in today’s world, instead of being developed into the spiritual generation that God speaks of in the Holy Bible!

Parents, The Time Is Right!

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